NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o.

Berzyna 82
64-200 Wolsztyn
PAV V / 006
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The NEU-JKF company has been operating since 1997 in Poland and specializes in providing complete dust and welding fume dedusting installations as well as pneumatic transport in various industries. Our products are manufactured under the license of the Danish company JKF Industri A/S located in Als near Hadsund, and the French company DELTA-NEU located in Lille.
One of the elements of our strategy is the promotion and delivery of proven and modern dust extraction and pneumatic transport systems, intended for both large factories and small craft companies. Our installations have been operating for many years in several thousand plants throughout Europe and beyond.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 03.01.06

Pneumatic equipment for drives

Product categorie: 03.21

Pneumatic elements

Product categorie:

Filtration instruments for laboratories

Product categorie:

Pneumatic haulage equipment

Product categorie: 08.01.02

Fans and accessories

Product categorie: 08.01.05

Solid particle filters

Product categorie: 10.08.04

Pneumatic transport

Product categorie:

Filtering equipment for electroplating equipment

Product categorie:

Filtration systems

Product categorie: 16.01.03

Filters for chemical production

Product categorie: 16.01.04

Filtration systems for the chemical industry

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NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o