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Moltech AH Ltd.

II district 107
6758, Röszke
ID-Nr.: 0609004297
Telefon: +36-62573057
Standort:PAV V / 035
Messe: MSV

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Moltech is specialized in offering industrial solutions in machine belt type power-transmission and conveying processes. Our factory workshop produces v-belts, conveyer belts and conveyor rollers for industrial dealers and end-users across Europe, MiddleEast. Australia and China. All products are tailored to machines, to factories and/or to their representative technical service dealers. Moltech has been engaged in designing and producing fully tailored conveyor installations for a large variety of factories, o.a. in poultry-processing, metal-waste processing, distribution centers and printing houses. Moltech is located in the south of Hungary close to the city of Szeged at the Serbian border.

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