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Product categorie Universal milling and boring machines

Exhibitors by category Universal milling and boring machines:

AXA CNC stroje, s.r.o.

PAV P / 068

Manufacture and sale of CNC machines, machine servicing and repairs, systems ...

Trade fair: MSV

Bitcon spol. s r.o.

PAV P / 086

Supplier of large format printers, cutting systems, laminators, transfer presses ...

Trade fair: MSV

BOUKAL s.r.o.

PAV P / 059

Machine tools and accessories exclusive representation of the mark Bernardo ...

Trade fair: MSV

DMG MORI Czech s.r.o.

PAV P / 114

Machines for metal machining, lathes, milling machines, machining centres ...

Trade fair: MSV

GALIKA AG, obchodní zastoupení

PAV P / 044

Sale and servicing of CNC machine tools ...

Trade fair: MSV

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG, organizační složka

PAV P / 043

Universal milling machines and machine tools Hermle are used for rational machining ...

Trade fair: MSV


PAV P / 076

3-5 axis milling centers. Precision lathes. 3-5 axis tool grinding – scharpening ...

Trade fair: MSV

MRM Machinery s.r.o.

PAV P / 014

Sales and service of CNC machine tools: VMC and HMC, gantry machining centers ...

Trade fair: MSV


PAV P / 013

Leader for delivering of CNC machine tools. Service, training and technology ...

Trade fair: MSV