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Hoffmann Qualitätswerkzeuge CZ s.r.o.

Zemská 211/I
337 01, Ejpovice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 25235028
Phone: +420-371707254
Location:PAV F / 035
Trade fair: MSV

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Chip forming.
Clamping engineering.
Measuring engineering.
Grinding and cutting engineering.
Hand tools.
Plant machinery, shop equipment.
Workshop accessories and occupational safety.
Digital service and solutions.
Professional consulting service

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  • Product categorie: 11.06.01 Machining tools


  • Product categorie: 11.06.01 Machining tools

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 11.01.13 Grinding tools and accessories

Product categorie: Tool setting devices

Product categorie: 11.06.01 Machining tools

Product categorie: Reamers

Product categorie: Thread cutting tools

Product categorie: 11.06.03 Chucking tools

Product categorie: Machine vices

Product categorie: Inserted blade milling cutters

Product categorie: Tool measuring and setting units

Product categorie: Personal protective equipment

Product categorie: Tool cabinets for machine tools

Product categorie: 11.10.02 Pliers, alligator wrenches

Product categorie: 11.10.05 Screwdrivers

Product categorie: Other data management software for industrial IT

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Hoffmann Group

  • Germany