GAMO a.s.

Kyjevské námestie 6
974 04 Banská Bystrica
PAV V / 115
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GAMO is a company with more than 30 years of history in providing innovative IT services. Currently, our main focus is on cybersecurity services, specializing in industrial systems, cloud services and tailored software development such as a central platform that enables an analytical view of processed and consolidated data from various sources.
We are involved in more than 100 projects per year. Our most successful projects for Slovak Post include tailored software development, security monitoring and security operations center services as well as WAN network monitoring, at the level of design, monitoring, and management of network elements.
We have also prepared a central platform for this client that allows its users to view the processed and consolidated data from different sources. The presentation layer can combine elements of spreadsheets, graphs of aggregated data, current events, a set of recommended responses to selected events, and an internal communication channel.
For Baumit Beteiligungen we provide Incident Management System. We monitor the status of 600 sub IT systems and services in twenty-two European Baumit manufacturing companies.
Lenovo International BV provides its internal economic systems and services for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia regions from the GAMO Cloud.
Cybersecurity is an area in which we are strong in terms of technical background, real-world knowledge and experience with IT and OT security solutions. Our primary focus is to get the client to perceive the need to solve problems before they arise.
Not only in terms of theory and documentation, but also in terms of processes and the technological level of systems security. We set up and secure systems and processes to respond to cyber threats. So that our clients don't have to experience the helplessness of a situation where a direct attacker or employee shuts down a website, production line or opens the door to systems and the corporate network at a time when they don't expect it at all, or when it's least convenient for them.
GAMO Cloud is first fully virtualized cloud computing solution in Slovakia. We use VMware technologies based on full network and data storage virtualizations.
Services provided by GAMO Cloud are: Virtual Server, Hybrid and Private cloud, Cloud Backup, Cloud Consultation, Qualified assistance for Cloud Migration, S3 Object Storage, DaaS, Kubernetes.