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Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Olbrachtova 1929/62
140 00, Praha 4
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 45244782
Phone: +420-956777778
Location:PAV F / 110
Trade fair: MSV

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A modern bank focused on retail clients, small and medium-sized companies, cities and municipalities. We play an indispensable role in financing large corporations and providing services in the financial markets. With a client base of almost 4.5 million, we are the largest bank in the Czech Republic.

A modern bank with the longest tradition
- Česká spořitelna is the oldest bank on the domestic market, having been founded in 1825.
- It is the largest retail bank in the Czech Republic.
- Česká spořitelna has also grown to become the largest corporate bank in the Czech Republic in terms of the volume of financing provided. During October 2021, for the first time in history, ČS surpassed the CZK 300 billion mark in the volume of corporate loans granted.

Introducing new technologies
- Česká spořitelna pays considerable attention to the digitisation of processes. More than 1.8 million people are already using the modern digital platform George, which enables clients to carry out not only most payment transactions online, but also to apply for loans or make investments through it.
- For example, corporate clients can sign documentation for loans and collateral in the corporate digital banking system Business 24.
- In 2021, Česká spořitelna was the first domestic bank to offer clients the use of a bank identity for online communication with the state and companies. Česká spořitelna's banking identity quickly became the most used banking identity for communication with the state. It thus has real potential to "drive" the digitalisation of the Czech Republic.
- Together with partner companies, Česká spořitelna launched a unique application in 2021 that allows you to turn your mobile phone into a payment terminal for accepting payment cards. Czech merchants were the first in Central Europe to get this opportunity.

We support the competitiveness of companies and the economy
- In 2021, Česká spořitelna was one of the signatories of the call for the 2nd economic transformation, which aims to further increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the Czech economy.
- Česká spořitelna also pays attention to ESG issues and tries to support companies in their green transformation. That is why CS was among the signatories of the CBA Memorandum for Sustainable Finance and is currently actively involved in the formulation of ESG standards for the Czech banking market.
- Česká spořitelna supports innovation in Czech companies. We create our own financing programmes for innovative and innovating companies, as well as cooperate with a number of other entities with which we can make financing for innovation and technology even more accessible to our companies.
- For example, the Seed Starter programme, which is also open to innovative start-ups, aims to support completely new projects.
- Česká spořitelna provides timely and precise advice on grants, third-party financial instruments, and investment incentives, which can significantly facilitate and cheapen the financing of a company's technological development. Sporitelna works with its subsidiary Grantika, Leasing CS, and also with NRB, EIB, and EIF.

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