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ASK Chemicals Czech s.r.o.

Tovární 7
643 00, Brno - Chrlice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 25773925
Phone: +420-545219030
Location:PAV E / 041
Trade fair: Fondex

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Organic and inorganic binders, water and alcohol based coatings for the manufacture of moulds and cores of any kind: ALPHASET, COLD BOX, WARM BOX, INOTEC, ASKRONING - shell sand, NO BAKE - furan and phenol resins. Metallurgical products, risers, bentonites, filters, auxiliaries, release agents, foundry chaplets, continuous sand mixers, sand reclamation, core making, design services.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 12.01.05 Alloying additives

Product categorie: Feroalloys

Product categorie: 12.01.06 Lag-forming additives

Product categorie: 12.01.99 Charge raw materials for foundries - other

Product categorie: 12.06.01 Grog

Product categorie: 12.06.02 Binders

Product categorie: Inorganic binders

Product categorie: Organic binders

Product categorie: 12.06.03 Additives into sand and core mixtures

Product categorie: 12.06.04 Sand and core mixtures

Product categorie: 12.08 Runner and gate technology

Product categorie: Chemicals for casting and casting machines

Product categorie: 12.24.01 Research in area of the foundry industry

Product categorie: 12.24.03 Consultancy in area of the foundry industry

Product categorie: 12.24.09 Technology for the foundry industry