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ANAMET s.r.o.

Kováků 3210/26
150 00, Praha 5 - Smíchov
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 25652150
Phone: +420-257328175
Location:PAV C / 017
Trade fair: MSV

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Analytical instruments and testing equipment for physical and mechanical measurements for the science, research and industry: laboratory platten presses, mooney viscosimeters, MDR rheometers, universal testing machines, Charpy hammers, extrusion plastometers, Vicat/HDT testers, hardness meters, profilometers, scratch test, nanoindentation, tribometers, microscopes (SPM, heating), climatic, corrosion, shock and vibration chambers, large walk-in chambers, weather simulation chambers (xenon and UV tests), instruments for fire resistance testing of materials and calorimeters, particle form and size distribution analysers, equipment for the monitoring of clean rooms for the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries, TOC, AOX, TN, TS, TX(Cl), CHNS analysers, gas process analysers (emissions: air, combustion engines), identification of water-in-plastics content by Karl Fischer, objective colour, appearance and gloss measuring, anomalous force microscopy, laboratory and process measuring of surface tension and contact angle.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 07.31.08 Laboratory balances

Product categorie: Instruments for thermal analysis

Product categorie: Calorimeters

Product categorie: Luxmeters

Product categorie: Color meters

Product categorie: Gloss meters

Product categorie: Noise dosimeters

Product categorie: Noise monitoring instruments

Product categorie: 07.39.21 Viscosity meters

Product categorie: 07.39.22 Surface tension and contact angle meters

Product categorie: 07.42.03 Measuring instruments for civil engineering

Product categorie: 07.42.05 Measuring devices for plastics and rubbers

Product categorie: Viscometers for plastics and rubbers

Product categorie: Plastometers

Product categorie: Titrators

Product categorie: 07.43.10 Laboratory autoclaves

Product categorie: Laboratory analyzers

Product categorie: X-ray fluorescence equipment

Product categorie: Polarimeters

Product categorie: 07.43.23 Laboratory microscopes

Product categorie: Electron microscopes

Product categorie: Infra-red microscopes

Product categorie: Particle size analyzers

Product categorie: 07.43.26 Refractometers

Product categorie: 07.43.27 Spectrophotometers

Product categorie: Instruments for isotope analysis

Product categorie: Porosity testing equipment

Product categorie: Material hardness testing equipment

Product categorie: Adhesion detectors

Product categorie: Tensile testing machines

Product categorie: Material elasticity testing equipment

Product categorie: Building material property testing equipment

Product categorie: Corrosion chambers

Product categorie: Sun simulation chambers

Product categorie: Vibration chambers

Product categorie: Testing equipment for the automotive industry

Product categorie: Testing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Product categorie: 08.01.08 Air-conditioning equipment for clean rooms

Product categorie: 11.02.02 Hydraulic presses

Product categorie: Pendulum impact testing machines

Exhibitor's represented companies

ADAM Equipment

  • United Kingdom

AMS Alliance

  • France

Angelantoni Test Technology S.r.l.

  • Italy


  • United Kingdom

CO.FO.ME.GRA. S.r.l.

  • Italy

DataPhysics Instruments GmbH

  • Germany

Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

  • Germany

Ellab A/S

  • Denmark

Fire Testing Technology, Ltd.

  • United Kingdom

Fontijne Presses & Services BV

  • Netherlands

Hesse Instruments

  • Germany

INDEX Instruments

  • United Kingdom


  • Japan

LUM Instruments GmbH

  • Germany

Malvern Panalytical Ltd

  • United Kingdom

Mitsubishi Analytech

  • Japan

MonTech Werkstoffprüfmaschinen GmbH

  • Germany


  • Switzerland

Optical Activity Ltd

  • United Kingdom

Orbis BV

  • Netherlands

Particle Measuring Systems

  • USA

Phenom World

  • Netherlands

Stanhope-Seta Ltd

  • United Kingdom

Tinius Olsen Inc.

  • USA

Tinius Olsen Ltd.

  • United Kingdom


  • USA