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FGR Factory s.r.o.

Třebovská 111
562 01, Ústí nad Orlicí
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 03437981
Phone: +420-777769494
Location:PAV 5 / 507


We are presenting you the exceptional, luxurious and comfortable six-cylinder MIDALU naked bike. The heart of the motorcycle a V-shape six-cylinder FGR engine of an impressive capacity of 2442 cm3. The motorcycle features the application of the best available components, materials and first-rate handmade processing. MIDALU is a creation of modern design, functionality and comfort, with many non-traditional solutions and elaborated details. Besides the engine, worth the attention are the self-supporting carbon fuel tank and an originally cut swinging fork. Other 29 parts on the bike are also made of carbon composite.

With its capacity and output, the MIDALU motorcycle now belongs among the most powerful motorcycles of the world. The initiators are convinced that the future lies in the originality and this is the reason why this exceptional project started. The entire development and production proceeds in the Czech Republic.

'Emotions for those who want to differ.'

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  • Product categorie: 01 Motorcycles (vehicle category L)


  • Product categorie: 01 Motorcycles (vehicle category L)

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Product categorie: 01 Motorcycles (vehicle category L)

Czech six-cylinder luxury motorcycle class Naked Bike MIDALU with a capacity of 2442 cm3.

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