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Fabryka Mebli Wuteh S.A.

ul. Chlopickiego 6/10
87-100, Torun
Telefon: +48-566553582
Standort:PAV F / 021

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Furniture Factory WUTEH S.A. produces the office and hotel furniture since the early ‘90s and belongs to the leading manufacturers in Poland. Our wide range of products includes the solutions for offices, receptions, meeting rooms, manager’s rooms and hotels. We cooperate with top producers of office chairs in Poland. The offer is based on our customers’ demands and expectations. The Quality Policy is one of the most important elements of our strategy. Our mission is to provide solutions that create office space that inspires thinking, action and office work.


ISO 9001:2008.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 71.16.01 Office furniture suites, sets

Produktkategorie: 71.16.02 Office chairs and other sitting furniture

Produktkategorie: 71.16.03 Office desks, conference tables

Produktkategorie: 71.16.04 Office partitions

Produktkategorie: 71.16.05 PC desks, PC work stations

Produktkategorie: 71.20.01 Furniture for public interiors