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Hvězdova 1716/2b
140 78, Praha
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 26181134
Telefon: +420-274012201

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Strong production base, respect for experience, solid customer relationships, teamwork, and above all, 100% reliability.
The values we proudly build our success on.

The largest Czech ammunition manufacturer with products ranging from small arms ammunition to large-calibre artillery and engineering ammunition.
Proven manufacturer and supplier of plastic explosives.
Own production of proven AK family firearms and RPG-7 and SPG-9 grenade launchers.
Own overhaul and modernisation concepts of ground military vehicles.
Implementation of high-end electronics from renowned manufacturers.
The largest Central European expert in the field of ecological disposal of ammunition.
Reliable supplier of Czech other NATO member states' armed forces.
Representation of renowned brands of the defence industry for the Czech Republic.

700 qualified employees, 80 million EUR annual turnover and experience in deliveries to 40 countries worldwide.
Military production know-how since 1920.
Own development and construction.
Technique proven in combat operations in Afghanistan and other missions.

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Produktkategorie: 01 Weapons and ammunition

Produktkategorie: 03 Aircraft

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