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SKUPINA, a. s.

Pomněnková 1256/61
106 00, Praha
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 06617247
Telefon: +420-299140999
Standort:PAV P / 091

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The Skupina P.L.C. is a holding association of manufacturing, technological and commercial companies with an international scope of activity, whose beginning of business dates back to 1993. In the beginning, the holding focused mainly on security technologies. Thanks to its significant business success in this demanding and specific sector, it has gradually expanded its activities into the civil sector, both in the B2G and B2B segments. It specializes in the supply and service of high-end products and systems with high added value.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 01 Weapons and ammunition

Produktkategorie: 03 Aircraft

Produktkategorie: 03.03 UAV

Produktkategorie: 03.99 Aircraft technology - other

Produktkategorie: 05 Security technology services

Produktkategorie: 06.01 Night-vision equipment

Produktkategorie: 06.02 Optic aiming systems and target marking

Produktkategorie: 09 Personal security and protection

Produktkategorie: 11.99 C4I2 systems - other