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67 rue d'Epluches
95310, Saint Ouen l'Aumône
Telefon: +33-134483700
Standort:PAV P / 048

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RENK France is the French subsidiary of RENK AG, leader in automatic transmissions for tanks. RENK equips more than 11000 vehicles in 30 armies such as LEOPARD 2 and LECLERC.
RENK France offers the Powerpack 350S dedicated to T-72/PT-91/M-84 retrofits and future medium tank programs.
The Powerpack 350S includes the fully automatic transmission ESM350, an optimized cooling system and a Scania V8 engine (1000-1090-1200 HP).
Leading to excellent mobility and increased survivability, the powerpack can be replaced on the field in less than 1 hour, increasing the fleet availability and limiting operating costs.
Through partnerships with the local industry, the solution can be easily applied to the existing fleets.

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