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Quantasoft, s.r.o.

Pod Hájkem 406/1a
180 00, Praha
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 27564827
Telefon: +420-721653065
Standort:PAV P / 054

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Quantasoft is a Czech innovative startup focused on computer learning and artificial intelligence with deep expertise in the field of biometrics. Our own research and development team uses deep neural network video and unique techniques to recognize images and videos. Quantasoft has also developed its own set of products based on face recognition. Within the pavilion, we want to present technological innovations in the field of advanced intelligent video analytics, such as a visual weapon detector, tracking and re-identification of people based on characters and faces, motion evaluation options with a lying person detector and other advanced analytics. Individual analytics will be showcased in real time on the monitor after processing the image from the connected cameras.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 01 Weapons and ammunition

Produktkategorie: 09 Personal security and protection