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Vlkovská 279
595 01, Velká Bíteš
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 00176109
Telefon: +420-566822304
WWW: www.pbs.cz
Standort:PAV P / 042

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PBS is a pioneering engineering company. With a history that goes back 200 years, it is one of the oldest brands on the global market. It focuses on manufacture of high-speed turbines for the aerospace, power and transportation industry, delivery and servicing of steam and expansion turbines. It is also one of Europian leading suppliers of nickel and cobalt based superalloy castings. PBS is primarly a renowned manufacturer of turbojet engines for UAVs and target drones with a thrust of up to 1500 N, further APUs and ECS for aircraft. The main advantage of PBS engines is the excellent power-to-weight ratio, ranking them among world leaders in their field.

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