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Lev Peshah st.
Postfach 768
7110604, Lod
Telefon: +972-89781120
Standort:PAV P / 071

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RT LTA Systems Ltd

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With over four decades of success in the upgrade and modernization of military and heavy-duty vehicles, Nimda is well known worldwide as a provider of Powerpacks and advanced automotive applications.

Nimda Co. provides design, development, engineering, assembly and installation of power-trains and propulsion systems for ground forces as well as various platforms modernization of advanced weapon systems for anti-tank and air defense uses.
Acting as a main supplier for its main customer - the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Nimda has been providing products and solutions for a variety of applications and has applied its knowhow to enhance its contribution to its customers with newly developed technologies.

Nimda Co. Ltd. is an expert in turn-key projects for tanks and APCs (wheeled or tracked types), MBTs, amphibious armored vehicles and its portfolio including vehicles of U.S. British, French and Russian original.

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