John Cockerill Defense

44 Rue Alfred Deponthiére
4431 Loncin
PAV P / 057

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John Cockerill Defense is a global leader in high-power multifunctional weapon systems for light and medium weight armored vehicles. It designs, produces and proposes: Cockerill® modular gun-turret systems from 25 mm to 120 mm caliber, combining high fire power with light weight for high mobility armored vehicles, guaranteeing performance and protection for the crew; Technical and tactical training on Cockerill® systems, encompassing theoretical and practical instruction, live firing and training on Agueris® simulators; Agueris simulators, virtual immersive (static and mobile) and nested; Support throughout the lifecycle of the Cockerill® weapons systems; Innovative enhancement aimed at developing the capabilities of Cockerill® weapons systems. Member of a bicentennial Group, John Cockerill Defense has sold more than 3,000 weapons systems worldwide. Its offering benefits from its cutting-edge expertise in software, ballistic and mechatronic engineering and from production and assistance processes in both technical and human terms.

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John Cockerill Defense

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