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ICZ a.s.

Na hřebenech II 1718/10
140 00, Praha 4
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 25145444
Telefon: +420-222271111
Standort:PAV P / 087

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ICZ Group – an important information technologies supplier and systems integrator – offers a wide range of services spanning from consultancy through the deliveries of information systems up to the complex provision of full network administration.
Its portfolio covers following areas - application software, security and infrastructure, especially for the public sector, healthcare, defence, transport, finance, production, logistics and telecommunications.
Apart from Czech Republic in Slovakia, the ICZ Group is also active in other countries.


ISO 27001
ISO 13485
ISO 20000-1.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 03 Aircraft

Produktkategorie: 03.10 Air traffic control

Produktkategorie: 04 Command and communication systems

Produktkategorie: 08.06 Crisis management operation

Produktkategorie: 11 C4I2 systems

Produktkategorie: 11.07 IT for systems of command and control

Produktkategorie: 11.08 Map interactive systems

Produktkategorie: 11.99 C4I2 systems - other

Produktkategorie: 12.02 Information security by coding