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Havel metal foam GmbH

Am Gleisdreieck 10
14774, Brandenburg an der Havel
ID.NO.: 287550713
Phone: +49-338180438880
Location:PAV P / 031

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The Havel metal foam GmbH has come up with the series Havel Lite ® on the development and
Production of aluminum foam and aluminum foam sandwiches, Havel Lux ® (open-pore on one side or open-pore on both sides) and 3D elements - highly innovative lightweight materials.

The very lightweight and relatively stable aluminum foam is the material of choice for lightweight constructions in industries and sectors where high but cost-effective material requirements are required while at the same time optimizing energy efficiency, such as through weight reduction.

The use of lightweight components is becoming increasingly important for the production of motor vehicles. Future-oriented developments of electrically driven vehicles achieve the set efficiency targets only by the consequent use of extremely light materials, such as: As aluminum. Aluminum foam combines many advantages, such as its light weight, formability, recyclability and excellent absorption and conductivity, making it ideal for the automotive industry of the future. A pioneering development of the Havel metal foam is the battery box for electric vehicles. Low weight, good crash behavior, high bending stiffness and possibilities of temperature regulation predestine this newly developed vehicle component for use in modern automobile production.

For the use of aluminum foam meanwhile infinite possibilities are conceivable. As far as design is concerned, there are hardly any limits left to fantasy. The Havel metal foam also offers its customers the coating of aluminum foam sandwiches. All types of cover layers can be directly glued and pressed in a special process with a coating. In addition to colorful, as well as very noble design options in metal, wood or lacquer look a coating offers many more benefits.

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