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Foss Fibre Optics s.r.o.

Odborárska 52
831 02, Bratislava
ID-Nr.: 31365507
Telefon: +421-248205200
Standort:PAV P / 078

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Since 1994, our company Foss Fibre Optics, s.r.o. is producing passive fibre optic components and solutions. In 2013, our company was acquired by Norwegian company Foss AS Fiberoptisk Systemsalg, which was at this time our biggest foreign customer. Company Foss AS Fiberoptisk Systemsalg is a part of DiscoverIE Group PLC, which is listed on Londons Stock Exchange (LSE:DSCV).
We are producing basic cables assemblies (pigtails, patch cables, trunk cables, ...), modular WDM systems (CWDM, DWDM, OADM) and PLC splitters, solutions for FTTx, complete pre-terminated solution for data centers, cabling for harsh environment and army, customer specific solutions and other optical products.
As the quality of our products is a key topic for us, we are using in our production only components from brand name vendors. Standard connectors (like LC, SC, ST, MU, FC, …) we buy from Japanese company Seikoh Giken, E2000 connectors from R&M and Huber Suhner, MPO/MTP connectors from American company US CONEC, military connectors from TE Connectivity or Amphenol, fibres and cables from Corning, Draka/Prysmian and Leoni.
In average, we are terminating approximately 70 000 connectors per month. 20% of our sales are done in Slovakia, 80% of the sales are done abroad (mainly in Europe and Middle East).
Standard optical cable assemblies are produced with performance better then Grade C2 (PC) and Grade C1 (APC) according IEC 61755-1. Based on customer requirements, we can produce cable assemblies also in Grade B (premium cords) or Grade A (master cords).
We are also distributing to the market products and solution from other vendors. For example from Corning, TE Connectivity, Commscope and other vendors. We have in our portfolio also optical cables with fire performance classification B2ca,s1d0a1 according European Regulation CPR, fibre optic cables with Circuit Integrity upto 180 minutes or so-called sensing cables.
We have implemented ISO 9001 in our production in Bratislava. Due the high quality and long term relationship, we are certified servicing and training centre for equipments of company Seikoh Giken for the CEE a Middle East market. High quality is giving us chance to be a long term supplier for many telco companies. We are also producing our products for several big foreign brand name companies as their OEM supplier.

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