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Dantherm A/S

Marienlystvej 65
7800, Skive
ID-Nr.: 20864591
Telefon: +45-96143700
Standort:PAV P / 070A

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Mobile heating and air conditioning equipment.
In association with Nato-member countries, Dantherm has developed mobile heating and cooling equipment for more than 60 years for extreme-condition military applications. Its adoption as a NATO-standard company is proof that the most severe demands have been met. Dantherm units for heating and cooling of tent camps and field hospitals are ideal anywhere across the world where there is a need for temporary heating or air conditioning.

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  • Produktkategorie: 13.99 Logistics and service - other

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Produktkategorie: 09.04 Camp accommodation

Produktkategorie: 13.99 Logistics and service - other