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Svět elektrokol

Palackého třída 164
612 00, Brno
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 03795179
Telefon: +420-733320758
Standort:VP D2 / 013A

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Svět elektrokol (the Ebike world) is one of the biggest dealers specialized on e-bikes in the Czech Republic, having more than 10 year history and retail centers in Brno and Prague cities. Serves as authorised sales and service centers for most of the brands, offering product line from established brands, such as Haibike, Crussis, Lectron, Bulls, Ghost, BH bikes, Leaderfox, 4Ever and others. Offers hundreds of ebikes available for customers at retail centers for testing, qualified service centers included diagnostics and repairs of batteries and consulting services, arranges B2C and B2B fleet services.

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