Sense IoT s.r.o.

Mlynské Nivy 73
821 05 Bratislava
PAV A1 / 017
Trade fair:
Future Mobility

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Slovak technology company Sense IoT offers its clients an IoT solution of the highest quality. Although we have been active on the market for a short time, during that time we have been able to obtain many references from satisfied clients from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates and the Balkan countries.

Exhibitor's products

SenseBridge - Monitoring of building structures

Monitoring of building structures and geotechnics uses unique properties of optical fiber sensors that are installed in structures.The main advantage is that the sensor is passive, meaning, it does not require mains or battery power and is connected to the measuring unit only by an optical cable. As the information is transmitted by optical cable, the measuring unit can be tens of kilometers away from the measuring point.

Senseir - Air quality monitoring

The air quality is monitored in real time by installing sensors of air quality (humidity, temperature, CO2, dust, barometric pressure, CO, radiation, lighting), measured data is evaluated and then based on the results, responsible persons are alerted to the need to ventilate the room or to take other measures.

SenseWater - Monitoring of surface and underground water

Our SenseWater solution monitors surface and underground water in real time and allows us to anticipate natural or chemical disasters and offers a complete overview of watercourses state. If the measured values exceed the critical values, the device can send a notification immediately sms/email/push to the responsible person. All data is saved securely at the same time and available in the form of simple visualization on the platform accessible remote.<br /> <br /> This device is powered by solar energy and battery, so it is energy independent and environmentally friendly.