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Jana Bařinková

Rochovská 757
198 00, Praha
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 16115848
Phone: +420-777776664
Location:PAV V / 022

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Beauty and health corporation TianDe was founded in 2007 in Russia. The founders got their inspiration from East Asian countries, from traditional healing methods of ancient China and Tibet, from philosophy and ecclesiastic traditions of the East – all of these form a cornerstone of TianDe. TianDe joined the market in the Czech Republic in March 2012 and its popularity has been growing ever since.

Another important component of TianDe is the Altai. A picturesque landscape of the Altai with a number of religious monuments and sacred places is a home to TianDe. Right there in one of the most beautiful and cleanest corners of our planet TianDe corporation products are made.

We are convinced that all that is needed for human health and beauty can be found in nature. That’s why we only use unique natural ingredients in all of our products. We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure all useful and beneficial characteristics of natural components are preserved and passed onto the customers. Our manufactures comply with international quality standards ISO 9000-2001 and GMP.

TianDe products have reliable foundations: they have been created following traditional recipes of the East and the Altai. Their quality is guaranteed by centuries of experience. We are very proud of this heritage. It enables us to make the PERFECT VISION A REALITY.

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Product categorie: 03.04 Sports massages - equipment

The composition of TianDe Cosmetics is based on thousands of years of old Chinese, Tibetan, and Altai medicine recipes. They work with a combination of many herbs that treat various health problems. More herbs mean higher levels of active ingredients. TianDe Cosmetics is based on the same principle. That's why our cosmetics are so effective. Tibetan medicine perceives health complications and illnesses as a result of imbalances in the body. It does not deal only with the resulting manifestations, but also with the very cause of the problem. Balance in the body builds up through diet, behavioral changes and natural medicines. For their production, thousands of Tibetan herbs are used to mix tea or pills. Chinese medicine has been curing causes and manifestations of illness for more than 3,000 years As the Tibetan does not only deal with the manifestations of diseases, they are mainly due to their nature. It is a complex approach to the human body and the psyche, where the healing methods are based on medicinal herbs, healthy diet, exercise and massages. That's exactly what we use to develop and manufacture TianDe Cosmetics.