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Czech Republic
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We are an authorized dealer of major manufacturers of CARAVANS and MOTORHOME CARS.
Our extensive offer includes a total of 8 brands (Fendt, Mobilvetta, Laika, Eura Mobil, Etrusco, Forster, McLOUIS and VANTourer), 42 model series, which are designed in almost 200 different floor plans. This puts us in first place in the Czech Republic.
We will provide you with complete services in the field of service and installation of additional equipment.
We have a top team, modern facilities and equipment. With us, everyone can make a choice.
Simply "We do our work with quality and with pleasure!.

Exhibitor's products


Forster motorhomes enjoy a good name among caravanners and will not disappoint anyone who wants an affordable and at the same time superior motorhome. Forster cars will impress you with their fresh, dynamic design and practical details.

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Etrusco motorhomes combine modern design with perfect functionality - thus creating a great symbiosis of the joy of traveling and the comfort of living. The Etrusco brand is part of the largest caravan manufacturer Hymer Group, a guarantee of quality in a beautiful modern design.

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Eura Mobil motorhomes are manufactured in Germany, top quality workmanship, beautiful and modern design with the "Made in Germany" guarantee. Eura Mobil are exceptionally reliable, the interior creates a pleasant atmosphere, first-class comfort when traveling.

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The offer of premium German Fendt caravans with over 50 years of tradition, in 6 model series and almost 50 floor plans. With a Fendt caravan, you opt for maximum functionality and the perfect quality of craftsmanship and materials.

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Here you will find a unique combination of style, comfortable ride and refined Italian design, all in an endless range of models and floor plans of all sizes and variants.<br /> Treat yourself to a unique vacation in beautiful surroundings.

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McLouis motorhome bodies are manufactured in specialized manufacturing departments through highly precise industrial processes that guarantee the highest quality standards. The garage and external storage compartments with McLouis allow you to take everything you need with you on holiday without having to give anything up. McLouis interiors are designed to provide the freedom of movement of a luxury suite.

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An icon among motorhomes in design, innovation and Italian tradition. A holiday with a Mobilvetta is an unforgettable experience, with perfection in aesthetics and functionality, with Italian flair and luxury. Offer of unique and exclusive motorhomes.

02 Motor caravans


In caravan terminology, we call them built-ins. Compact dimensions, modern design and superior equipment are the main advantages of built-ins of the German brand VANTourer.<br /> Inconspicuousness and multifunctional year-round use, not just on vacation.<br /> Let yourself be conquered by the freedom of travel.

02 Motor caravans

Exhibitor's product categories

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Offer of premium Fendt caravans in 6 model series, 33 floor plans. With a Fendt caravan, you opt for maximum functionality and the perfect quality of craftsmanship and materials.

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Product categorie: 01.05

Sport and recreational trailers

Product categorie: 02

Motor caravans

We are an authorized dealer of major manufacturers of RVs of the brands Mobilvetta, Laika, Eura Mobil, Etrusco, Forster, McLOUIS and VANTourer.<br /> Our vision is a professional caravan center in the Zlín region, a center which:<br /> - provides high-quality services to new and existing customers,<br /> - fully represents renowned German and Italian manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes in the areas of sales, warranty and post-warranty service,<br /> - provides holiday tips and advice to all caravanners.

Product categorie: 03

Components, accessories and equipment for caravans and motor caravans

Excellent service thanks to a professional team<br /> We service and expertly install all equipment and accessories for caravans and motorhomes, including the installation of gas, electrical and electronic components, solar systems, satellite and television technology and a number of other accessories. We rely on a wide range of high quality products from reputable suppliers.<br /> So that you can enjoy your motorhome or caravan for many years, our specialized service offers you comprehensive maintenance such as inspection, gas (caravan) and leak tests, as well as repairs that are part of our daily work. In addition, we offer you installations of all kinds and finishing components.

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Camping equipment