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Wir gehören zu den größten Verkäufern von Wohnwagen und Wohnmobilen in der Tschechischen Republik. Wir sind seit 1996 im Verkauf, der Vermietung und dem Service von Reisemobilen und Anhängern tätig. In dieser Zeit haben wir über 2.000 Fahrzeuge verkauft und wertvolle Kontakte zu allen großen Reisemobilherstellern geknüpft.
In unserem modernen Showroom in Prag 5 - Řeporyje können Sie Wohnmobile folgender Marken auswählen: Knaus, Roadcar, Weinsberg, Carado, La Strada, Bravia, Tabbert, Hero Camper, T@B, Fendt und Premium KABE. Wir bieten jetzt auch STX- und Careliner-Pferdetransporter an.

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German motorhome manufacturer with high quality workmanship belonging to the Erwin Hymer Group consortium. The brand uses experience, technology and components based on more than fifty years of experience in the production of Hymer motorhomes. This is an upper middle class of motorhomes with popular floor plans on proven Fiat Ducato chassis. The brand offers cars from 6 m in length to family alcove models for 6 people for sleeping and driving with a total length of 7.3 m. A very popular model is the variant with a pull-down front bed in several designs and different lengths for 2 to 5 people on driving. New are integrated cars and camper vans sold under the name Carado Vlow.

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Bravia mobil is a Slovenian family company founded in 2005 based on a rich and successful more than 30-year tradition of producing beautiful furniture. The priorities of this brand are quality, spaciousness, practicality and comfort, it also focuses on the connection with wood and nature. Their mission is to transform reliable vehicles from renowned brands into top-quality Bravia motorhomes, designed, planned and manufactured with users' needs in mind and therefore meeting the highest expectations. Bravia cars offer and provide everything for a carefree and high-quality leisure time — both in the urban environment and in nature.

02 Motor caravans

Fendt Caravan

Fendt Caravan is one of the oldest and largest German manufacturers of caravans. Caravans of this brand are always delivered in the highest quality not only in workmanship, but also in components and furniture. Both the interior and exterior design is top notch. These attributes make Fendt camper trailers the best-selling brand in Europe. The manufacturer's effort is to expand production and thus satisfy the maximum number of customers. However, camper trailers of this brand are also popular in other countries, such as South Korea, Australia, China or Israel, and thus the demands for production are increasing. If you buy a Fendt caravan and take proper care of it, it will surely serve you for many years. This year, the Fendt brand once again took the top three places in the camper trailer category for innovative models - processing technology, overall product quality and design.

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Renowned top brand of Swedish caravans and motorhomes of the highest quality. Kabe is the pinnacle of comfort, uniqueness, unique living space technology and superstructure insulation for summer and winter operation down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Comprehensive additional equipment already included in the basic price of all models, including an on-board battery, recessed windows, upholstered ceiling and a lot of other excellent standard of not only the vehicles but also the client approach of this unique brand. The offer includes 116 floor plans of caravans, as well as semi-integrated and integrated cars of the highest quality, a camper vans on a Mercedes Benz chassis, including a version with all-wheel drive. Thanks to the manufacturer's emphasis on quality, the production of vehicles has long been limited to the optimal number of individual pieces. Our company Hykro is the only dealer of this renowned brand in Central and Eastern Europe.

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The Knaus brand is one of the oldest German brands that manufactures motorhomes, caravans and camper vans. The manufacturer Knaus belongs to the company Knaus-Tabbert-Group, which in recent years has been constantly increasing its production of motorhomes on the European and non-European markets. Motorhomes and caravans of the Knaus brand are presented as middle and upper class, and the most modern technologies used, as well as basic components, correspond to this. The Knaus-Tabbert company has its own development center and therefore, depending on the development, the technologies are continuously updated. Motorhomes and caravans of the Knaus brand maintain a very good position among customers, as there is always a guarantee of quality workmanship and reliability. The customer is thus sure that he will experience a pleasant and carefree holiday in Knaus cars.

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Ständer mit Campingzubehör

As every year, you can look forward to an abundance of accessories from our store and e-shop. You will be able to choose from hundreds of products such as glasses, dishes, steps, pumps, wheel clamps and much more. Special exhibition prices are prepared for you, as well as a trained team that will be ready to advise you with any question. You can find our complete range of products at

We look forward to seeing you!

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STX Horseboxes

The Belgian manufacturer of horse carriers has been on the market for 35 years and is one of the most popular brands among horse enthusiasts. It offers carriers both in versions up to 3500 kg for one or two horses, as well as large luxury trucks for the transport of up to seven horses, including living space for the crew. It produces small horse carriers on Renault, Ford and Mercedes chassis. Large trucks for horses on Scania, Mercedes, MAN, etc. chassis.


The model brand T@B from the KnausTabbert group offers this iconic design of a small camper trailer for the younger and older active generation.

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Tabbert is the top model range of a classic German camper trailer manufacturer with a long tradition. This brand is characterized by high quality, several unique patents in the field, in some countries these caravans are used for permanent year-round living. The unique connection of the walls and roof of the caravans is used for high utility value and excellent insulation of the living area. The brand is distinguished from other manufacturers by a wide range of discounted packages - equipment packages, an expanded range of extras and a rich selection of floor plans of individual model lines, as well as the popular Finest Edition promotional models. The highlight of the brand's models is the unique Puccini Slide Out camper trailer with retractable side and polished furniture in Yacht design decor.

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Weinsberg is a long-standing German manufacturer of motorhomes, caravans and camper vans. The brand belongs to the Knaus Tabbert Group consortium, which has been increasing its sales of motorhomes on the European market by leaps and bounds in recent years. In the past, Weinsberg also produced integrated cars, which are currently sold under the Knaus logo. The Weinsberg brand focuses on the middle class of motorhomes and the lower price group. The manufacturer uses the latest technologies of the Knaus Tabbert group, it produces its motorhomes in three modern factories using top NC machines and modern production technologies. The guarantee for the tightness of the superstructure is 5 years with regular annual inspections. Weinsberg is one of the best-selling brands on the Czech market, but cars are also sold in Japan, South Korea, Israel and other non-European countries.

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