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Czech Republic
PAV P / 050
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The company König surf, s.r.o. presents the products of its technical tailoring at the fair. The workshop is equipped for sewing thin and heavily padded products. We have been sewing precise accessories for caravanning for over twenty years. Insulation coats for the front part of the vehicle, for the van body, integrals, or camper trailers.
We sew insulation covers for side and roof windows, including front trapezoidal ones. A large part of the production consists of "insulating partitions" between the driver's cabin and the living space, used mainly in cars with an alcove, where the cabin is not used for living. Thanks to this, gas consumption for heating will be significantly reduced and thermal comfort will be increased. For long-term living in the winter, we also insulate the entire chassis. We recommend our tire covers to protect your tires from the sun.
Customers with vans are familiar with our "warm back", i.e. insulating walls at the rear or side doors, thanks to which heat loss is minimized when the door is opened. In addition to accurate internal shades for all windows, we also sew pockets to hang in the windows, our solution for insulating the folding tent roof of vans is also in great demand.
In addition to caravanning, the tailor shop is engaged in sewing many types of products for sports and other industries, mainly covers for boats, surfboards, furniture, musical instruments and electronics.
In addition to sewing, we sell Eckla handling carts, which every caravanner will welcome for convenient vehicle operation, i.e. transporting canisters, waste tanks, large purchases, or for sitting comfortably by the water.

Exhibitor's products

Car interior insulation

The screens are made of 7mm thick foam, with a silver reflective foil on one side and a white solid lining on the other. The edges are tightly hemmed with a strap. The insulating screens are attached to the windows with suction cups, this design allows the shades to be turned with the silver side out or in. On request, we also manufacture screens with magnets for attachment to the sheet metal edges of windows.
We stock a large number of cuts for various vehicles, from vintage cars to current models, mostly for all-round glass. Every year we prepare new models according to customer interest. We can also make blinds while you wait, for those who come to us with their car in Pilsen after ordering.

03 Components, accessories and equipment for caravans and motor caravans

External insulation of the motorhome cabin

The upper part of the coat is made of 8 mm thick foam, which is covered on one side by a solid laminated POE film and on the other side by a mirror reflective film. After sewing, the sandwich is hemmed with a thick edging, the corners are reinforced with tarpaulin.
The lower part is made of foam with a thickness of 3 mm POE foil together with a reflective foil and is attached to the upper part with three opening zippers. This allows the upper part to be used separately, for example in the summer.
There are large and small suction cups, magnets, Tenax mounts for attachment, it is solved individually according to the vehicle.
We deliver the insulation in a plastic bag.

03 Components, accessories and equipment for caravans and motor caravans

Thermal insulation partitions and dividing walls

Separating the cabin from the living space is the most efficient and best solution to ensure warmth and comfort in the car. The partition doesn't get in the way anywhere, it's easy to operate from both sides, the cabin stays cool, you save on heating, because you heat a much smaller space and it doesn't drag on your legs from the front.
During the entire time of our sewing, we have not used a single cut on the bulkhead more than once, because every superstructure is different, every customer has different needs, it does not matter the chassis or the superstructure. We prefer to sew partitions on attached vehicles, we will arrange the attachment, color, strength of insulation, orientation of the passage on the spot, we will measure the shape of the partition in detail so that it exactly follows the passage into the cabin and does not drag anywhere. We will test the semi-finished product and then finish the work.
If you are really from afar and dare to take responsibility for the cut, you can make a drawing, come up with the details, draw the attachment, or make the entire cut with a zipper and send it to us in an envelope. Please contact us before doing so.

03 Components, accessories and equipment for caravans and motor caravans

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Components, accessories and equipment for caravans and motor caravans

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