AGACHEM S.C. G.Dubiel, W. Rogowski, A. Wrona

Zalesicka 137
97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski
PAV P / 059
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Agachem – Producer of professional household chemicals for toilets in campers, boats and coaches.
Our products are characterized by high quality and effectiveness in a wide temperature range. They provide comfort while traveling and more..

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NEW <br /> CAMPER TOILET 1L - SUPER CONCENTRATE 3 IN 1 - CONCENTRATE FOR TOILETS<br /> The product is designed for : <br /> main toilet tank (cassette) <br /> upper flush <br /> cleaning of the grey water tank <br /> ONE PRODUCT - MANY USES <br /> 1L Camper Toilet is equivalent to a 5L pack of traditional travel toilet liquid. <br /> <br /> Key product benefits: <br /> Precise measuring cup for easy spill-free dispensing. <br /> Low product weight while maintaining the powerful detergent's ability to help break down toilet paper, faecal matter and neutralise odours. <br /> Blocks deposits on the tank walls. <br /> Effective at an average temperature of 25 degrees for 15 days after flooding the toilet. Innovative formulation and safe product composition. <br /> Induction closure. <br /> The product due to its size and method of packaging allows you to send a larger quantity of goods on a pallet or in a carton, saving the cost of transport. <br /> Product information label in 14 languages <br /> The product has the UFI code


MOBILE TOILET - liquid for tourist toilets<br /> INNOVATIVE AND SAFE:<br /> DOES NOT CONTAIN FORMALDEHYDE, HARMFUL TO HEALTH<br /> The main active ingredient of "Mobile Toilet" is used in medicine and other important industries. Therefore, our product is effective and safe.<br /> DOES NOT CONTAIN THICKENERS - which makes the product easier to mix<br /> UNUSUAL FRAGRANCE NOTE,<br /> HIGH CONCENTRATION, which means less consumption and contributes to environmental protection.<br /> 2 IN 1 - MEANS POSSIBILITY OF USE IN THE LOWER TANK AND THE UPPER FLUSH<br /> INDUCTION CLOSING OF PACKAGING


ODOR STOP - a modern MULTIFUNCTIONAL preparation for neutralizing odors.<br /> It contains active particles that remove not only the effects but also the causes of unpleasant odor.<br /> It does not mix with the unpleasant odor, but neutralizes it.<br /> Does not leave stains.<br /> Does not contain allergens<br /> Leaves a pleasant scent<br /> Works very fast<br /> Removes, among other things:<br /> • the smell of cigarette smoke and sulfur<br /> • kitchen scents<br /> • animal odors.<br /> 7. It also has other neutralizing properties, effectively eliminating growths and efflorescence,

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