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Adventure Centrum - Petr Malý

Mezi Domy 752
252 42, Jesenice u Prahy
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 64377563
Phone: +420-603415419
Location:PAV P / 052

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TRANSCOOL EC3 - portable evaporative cooler 12V/24V/230V. EC3 personal point cooler which provides relief of cold air to the user - Camper, caravan, boat, tent, car roof tent, truck... Extremely low power consumption 0,7 - 1,7 amps/h.

Exhibitor's products

CasusGrill - Denmark

CasusGrill is ecological and capable of degradation by the action of microorganisms. The package contains special charcoal briquettes, light insulating lava stones and a cardboard box with a bamboo grill grill. The grill, after easy and quick ignition, easily grills in 5 minutes, and for more than 60 minutes it retains heat and accommodates 4-6 people. It is light, only 1kg. It comes from nature and returns to it again.
With CasusGrill you can take it with you almost anywhere - to the beach, park, fishing trip or mountain hike, caravan, camper or camping trip, or on vacation.
You can use CasusGrill all year round - during a cold winter at -10 degrees, at 2000 m above sea level, or on the beach during hot summer. There is no limitation! Option Co-Branding OEM.

GoSun Fusion USA

GoSun Fusion Hybrid is the world's first portable, solar + electric oven to operate outside the network. This versatile cooker is 5 times more efficient than a traditional electric oven. In any weather (including cold and clouds) - when upgrading the Fusion + PowerBank GoSun 12V / 150W.
Use: no restrictions indoors or out, when camping, motor home, boat, caravan, emergency or when driving in a car with 12V power. They can be easily used in the garden or on the terrace of a panel house or when fishing in comfort and without fuel. Modern ecological healthy and safe cooking, grilling and baking on solar energy and external 12V source. Use all year round in snow and frost. The use is really wide.

Transcool EC3-F PLUS

your, caravan, camper, boat, caravan, truck or 4WD and tent. Simply wherever you need to cool. No cutting, drilling or permanent assembly required. The new Transcool EC3-F PLUS range is expanded with two more air vents. It is a light, highly efficient 12 / 24-230V portable evaporative air cooler with a minimum consumption of 0.7 A - 1.7 A per hour.

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Product categorie: 03.06 Ventilation, air conditioning

Product categorie: 04.03 Grills and gridirons

Product categorie: 04.99 Camping equipment - other