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Animal TECH 2019

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Exhibitors by category Instruments and devices for animal hygiene and sanitation:

Sale and servicing of high-pressure and cleaning equipment, industrial vacuum ...

VP P / 026
PAV P / 094

We provide agricultural consulting. We sell milking and stall technologies ...

PAV P / 029

Milking and cooling technologies, electric fence system, drinking and complete ...

PAV P / 007

GEA is the world's leading producer of both automatic and conventional milking ...

PAV P / 090

IMIMA distribution company presents exclusively a very wide range of MINERALISED ...

PAV P / 075

Mycotoxin binders, digestive and immunity efficiency, prevention of diarrheal ...

PAV P / 097

Ronchem s.r.o., is a reliable team of professionals with experience and tradition ...

PAV P / 009
PAV P / 016



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12. - 15. 5. 2019 Animal TECH 2019