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Pracovní společnost nástavkových včelařů CZ, z.s.

Hlavní 99
753 56, Opatovice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 26519836
Phone: +420-773899716
Location:PAV G1 / 044

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Marek Linger


PSNV-CZ was founded on December 12, 2000 in Prague as a part of European companies of extension beekeepers. The working society associates active beekeepers who are not indifferent to the wider context of beekeeping, pollination, ecology, condition and health of bee colonies and who want to contribute with their hands. Its simple organizational structure allows it to create teams of experts and those interested in various aspects of bee breeding and gives them room for independent work. The company provides contacts and meetings with foreign beekeeping experts and provides its members with new knowledge from the beekeeping world.

In the course of years, a narrowly focused group of bee breeders in Langstroth's beehives has become a wide community of beekeepers, combining both modern beekeeping technologies in different types of beehives, as well as cooperation in solving the wider and more general problems of contemporary bee farming.

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