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Trojická 1910/7
128 00, Praha 2 - Nové Město
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 03324966
Phone: +420-702121787
Location:PAV P / 044

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5 Years of Innovation and Modern Procedures - ANIMAL HEALTH CARE (udder, hoof, nutrition program), TECHNOLOGY - Magellan's first active floor, Aqua CLIM - thermal stress mattress, FEEDING TECHNOLOGY by TATOMA - an undemanding worker on your farm, CONSTRUCTION & PROJECTS - comprehensive construction solutions including the implementation of INNOVATION - software for efficient data collection, development of the first HYDRAULIC HOOF TRIMMING CAGE. TRAINING AND EDUCATION - training the efficiency of work at the stable (ordinary workers, animal technicians, caregivers) - FaSy Lean system.

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Bioret Agri

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Bioret Agri

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