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Hlavní 51
768 32, Zborovice
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 25521853
Telefon: +420-573369233
Standort:PAV V / 082


Special circular saw blades.
Saw bodies for TCT circular saw blades.
Table circular saw blades for cutting of wood (without tungsten carbide tipping).
Band saw blades for wood, light metals, meat and frozen products.
Stem band saw blades (wide).
Service of circular and band saw blades.
Machine gang saw blades (frame saws).
Circular saw blades and machine gang saw blades with stelitted teeth.
HSS, HLS and DS planing knives, HSS and HLS serrated back knives.
Granulator, Flaker, Chipper, splitting veneer, paper cutting knives.
Universal profile cutter heads and profile knives.
Hand saws, saw blades for hand saws.
Manufacture and servicing of PKD (diamond) tools for wood processing.

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