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EUTIT s.r.o.

č. p. 196
353 01, Stará Voda
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 47714930
Phone: +420-354789111
Location:PAV G2 / 015
Trade fair: Techagro

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CAST BASALT = EUTIT = a traditional manufacturer and seller of basalt paving tiles, drainage troughs, tubes, bricks and pipelines made of cast basalt. The benefit of our products is their long life, chemical resistance, hardness, frost resistance and abrasion resistance. We have been producing a wide range of products for you since 1951 continuously adding new ones.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 19 Agricultural constructions

Anti-skid basalt paving tiles of several types for milking parlours and dairies. L-shape pieces for floor ending at the wall for better cleaning and sanitation.

Product categorie: 60 Machines and devices for production and basic processing of agricultural and forestry biomass

Basalt floor and wall paving tiles for wood chips containers as a protection of structures against abrasion/wear. Different types of paving tiles and adapting pieces.