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Gewerbepark 10
02627, Schwarzadler
Phone: +49-3593521339
Location:PAV E / 010
Trade fair: Techagro

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AGRAR-bag - conservation, ensiling and storage in bags.
AGRAR-bagger Grainprofi - efficient and flexible grain storage. Filled product stays the same quality as it was.
AGRAR-bag ex-bag - lossless extraction out of bags. Mechanical extraction with loading the product.
AGRAR-bagger VERSA 912 – ensiling in new dimensions. Work-performance: 180 – 240 t/h for ensiling of e.g. grass or maize.
AGRAR-bagger Silo Force - combination of a knife mill and a silage funnel. Due to selectable milling stages, finest milling results will be reached.
Truck-bagging for byproducts as e.g. sugarbeet-pulp.

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