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Walzwerke Einsal GmbH

Altenaer Straße 85
58769, Nachrodt
ID.NO.: 30257500193
Phone: +49-23523320
Location:PAV V / 066

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Range of qualities:
stainless and heat-resisting qualities as well as tool steels and alloyed structural steels.
Production of delivery programme:
steel bars flat and square, rolled and drawn; special sections rolled and drawn and also cold rolled.
Treatment and special further treatment: quenched, annealed, hardened and tempered; flat and square steel, ground, sawn to specified lengths.

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Walzwerke Einsal

Walzwerke Einsal

  • Product categorie: 02 Stainless steels

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02 Stainless steels

Product categorie: 02.08 Special stainless steels

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Einsal East Sp. z o.o.

  • Poland