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Production and distribution of calcium chloride, colloidal silica (flocculants), metasilicate, soda and silicates (fertilizers, sprays).


ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Responsible care
Halal, Kosher

Exhibitor's products

Calcium carbonate

CaCO3 (E170) is used in the food industry as a filler in chewing gum and baking powder, in the production of dairy products, cheese, drinks, ice creams, dietary products, bakery products, wine and alcoholic beverages, also used in the production of organic products. In the pharmaceutical industry, production of the toothpaste, base material in pills, ointments and creams. In the cosmetics industry is used as a carrier for fragrance in perfumes, for the manufacture of creams. Also added to the compound feed.

Calcium chloride

It is used in food industry (food additive E 509), in the manufacture of fertilizers and sprays plants, in compound feed. Increases calcium content in food and feed, regulates pH, such as anti-caking and hardening agent, for the treatment of water in the brewing industry. It is used in the production of cheeses, cold meats, canning vegetables, tofu, as the electrolyte in sports and other beverages, including bottled water. His addition to some kinds of bread reduces dangerous acrylamide. We produced both in liquid and solid form (granular, powder).

Colloidal silica – Bindzil 1430 MS

• Flocculant in the production of beer, wine, juice and vinegar. • Used for beverage clarification. • Considered safe for both humans and the environment. • Meet regulations in Europe and the US. • Ensure efficient flocculation thanks to high surface area and charge. • High purity product. • Compatible with all commonly used gelatines/bentonites. • Improve taste, appearance and shelf life of the final beverage.

Dorsil ZD 41

It provides resistance to mineral stress (lack of silicon and potassium) and protects plants against fungal diseases, fungi and mildew by 60%. Increases resistance to drought by reducing water losses. It improves the resistance to the toxicity of phosphorus, manganese, aluminium and iron + increases resistance to salts. And it improves photosynthesis. Product characteristics: Environmentally friendly Dorsil ZD is delivered in two versions, as a clear liquid or as a crystalline powder soluble in water indefinitely. It is applied as a 1-3% solution.

Industrial degreasers

Cleaning and degreasing agent used in some food manufactures, for degreasing parts and components in the spray machines, as additive to detergents in industrial laundries. When used in food and agriculture equipment must be thoroughly rinsed with hot and cold drinking water.


HB-SIL is a pellucid liquid which is used as a derusting agent that does not require rinsing and is applied against corroded metal materials made from iron, steel and aluminium. The mechanically removed rust can be removed only in an imperfect way, therefore the chemical agent HB-SIL is used for this purpose. It helps to remove the rust and passivises the surface of the object (phosphatization) at the same time, further preventing the creation of the rust. The deruster creates a protective white layer on the surface of the metal material, which can be painted afterwards.

Sodium hydrogencarbonate (soda bicarbonate)

It is used in food, pharmaceutical and feed industry. In the food industry (baking powder, canning) as a food additive E 500 (acidity regulator), production of carbonated mineral water, drinking water treatment. It is also used as an additive to animal feed (compound feed and premixes, acidity regulator), or to supplement the ration directly to the trough, especially for cattle and other livestock. Sodium carbonate alone bind the undesired metal ions, thus preventing changes in color, texture, and clotting of food rancidity.

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