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PANINI s.r.l.

Via P. Taruffi, 70
41053, Maranelllo (Modena)
ID.NO.: 01292320361
Phone: +39-0536940707
Location:PAV V / 022
Trade fair: Salima


PANINI s.r.l., Maranello, Italy - is producer of:

- static autoclaves with all types of heating with diameter from 1 to 2 m for 2 to 8 baskets
- rotary autoclaves with steam or spray heating with diameter from 1 to 2 m for 2 to 5 baskets
- steam boilers and steam generators with capacity from 30 to 25.000 kg per hour
- automatic basket cagers and decagers
- automatic shuttles for loading and unloading baskets in and out from autoclaves
- paletizers and depaletizers of classic construction or with robots
- kettles with mixer.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 12.08.03 Sterilizers for meat production

Product categorie: 16.02.09 Sterilizers, pasteurisers, autoclaves