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ATOZ Marketing Services spol. s r. o.

Holečkova 29
150 95, Praha 5
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 48117706
Telefon: +420-246007217
Standort:PAV G1 / 061
Messe: Embax


ATOZ Packaging is the only group in the market offering an ideal B2B marketing mix with an emphasis on connecting different types of communication channels. The main scope is the printed magazine Svět balení, which was selected by packaging proffesionals as the most popular on the market with rating 69%. With distribution on 7000 Czech and Slovak addresses and 21000 readers is Svět balení the leader in packaging industry.
An integral parts of the communication mix are portal www.svetbaleni.cz – attendance of 3300 visitors per month, newsletter SB NEWS - 4500 email addresses and social networks. Other part of group´s portfolio is organizing of congress OBALKO with attendance of more than 1000 packaging professionals in three successful years. In 2015 we launched PACKSTAR, a competition for the best packaging solution elected by the end users. 60 registered packages means great success.

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