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Apollonia Farm - Scio Veritas s.r.o.

Olomoucká 302/11
680 01, Vyškov
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 28717350
Telefon: +420-602815023
Standort:PAV V / 067
Messe: MBK


The company Apollonia produces its own high quality Products and works with the best Oil presses with the most modern facilities for the production and bottling of the Olive Oil. We are also producing honey from wild bees, jams without preservatives, herbs and teas. With respect to the Greek tradition is Apollonia able to deliver to you the best quality of Cretan products and the best Olive Oil in the world. Scio Veritas Ltd. is co-owner and representative of Apollonia in the Czech Republic.

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Apollonia Farm Fresh

Apollonia Farm Fresh

  • Produktkategorie: 02.01.02 Vegetable oils, olive oils

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Produktkategorie: 02.01.02 Vegetable oils, olive oils