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JELÍNEK - výroba nábytku s.r.o.

Masarykova 672/35
757 01, Valašské Meziříčí
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 42866022
Telefon: +420-571759811
Standort:PAV F / 034

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We are a long-established and traditional Czech company dealing with mostly small-scale production of exceptionally high-quality furniture. We are able to create and supply our specially proclaimed orthopaedic multi-plate mattresses - SÁRA and ZORA, bedroom furniture mainly consisting of beds, wardrobes, and bureaus made of solid oak and beech, frames for beds with either mechanical or automatic control. Furthermore, we also provide a vast range of chairs and other items of furniture – high and low backed chairs or indeed with side armrests, armchairs, rocking armchairs, two or three-piece suites, tables – oval, round, extension (fold-out), coffee tables and finally trolley tables.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 71.01 Bedroom furniture

Produktkategorie: 71.02 Mattresses, grids

Produktkategorie: 71.03 Sitting room furniture

Produktkategorie: 71.08 Dining-room furniture

Produktkategorie: 71.11 Sitting furniture

Produktkategorie: 71.20 Furniture for hotels, restaurants