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Chvalovka 1342/9
635 00, Brno
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 29298725
Phone: +420-515549224
Location:PAV A2 / 042
Trade fair: Rehaprotex


Since 1999 Benecykl Ltd. has engaged in the development, manufacturing and sale of sport strollers for your favorite outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, jogging or in-line, and carriages and strollers dedicated to children as well as to adolescents with physical disabilities. All our strollers and trolleys are characterised by easy handling, lightweight design and a high level of security.

Years of our experience and knowledge gained in the development of products for disabled children and athletes have been utilized also in production of sport strollers for common use. Thus our sport stroller Kozlík combines maximum safety with an emphasis on details supporting healthy child development, easy handling allowing immediate use as well as a durable construction usable in any terrain.

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Sporty buggy and trolley Benecykl

Sporty buggy and trolley Benecykl

Sporty buggy Benecykl is an ideal choice for all active parents who are looking for safe and reliable transport equipment for sport activities, on trips as well as into town. It offers maximum security with an emphasis on elements supporting healthy child development, easy manipulation, allowing immediate use and durable construction to facilitate movement in any terrain.

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