Styl I 2015

21. - 23. 2. 2015

Kabo I 2015

21. - 23. 2. 2015

About the i-Catalogue

Budova BVV

What is i-Katalog?

  • every year, BVV Trade Fairs Brno organises almost 40 trade fairs covering various fields
  • every trade fair has its own catalogue
  • the catalogue contains all key data about the exhibitors who participate at the trade fair
  • the catalogue is posted on the website until the next year’s fair edition.

Why use i-Katalog?

  • it only contains validated firms that have been recently active in some of the trade fairs
  • firms taking part in the fairs are often at the cutting edge of the relevant branch of industry
  • it is good to deal with them